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Artificial Intelligence

(last edited on 25th. April 2007)

This page arises out of my talk to the Leicester U3A Science group on 26th April 2007, and gives links to various relevant web sites, including those mentioned in the talk.

I have also put an extended version of the talk here, both in the original MSWorks format (1.5Mb) and in Word format  (6 Mb, so you can see why I don't use Word). Some of the pictures and diagrams have been displaced in the Word version, so it is best to read the original Works version. If you do not have MSWorks, download this free reader program from the Microsoft site.

Assorted links follow.

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)

You can try out a Turing Machine here

Alice is waiting to talk to you here

BOIDS this site will tell you about them, and has software you can download if you'd like some BOIDS of your own.

turnitin producers of software to detect plagiarism

Links to a few University sites:




       DNA music


        various MIT robots

        videos of Kismet

Some material I didn't mention in the talk:

AI explained by John McCarthy of Stanford University

A criticism of Strong AI by John Searle

My own account of the controversy about strong AI appears towards the end of this document

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