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Humberstone Village

(Modified on Monday 2nd May 2011)

I created this page as a matter of record, for the benefit of several friends who knew Humberstone many years ago and have not visited recently. There is therefore nothing beatiful about most of the pictures. As many of them show the results of Local Authority planning that is hardly surprising. Click on these small pictures to see the full sized ones. The file sizes are about 150 to 250K. The original photographs were considerably larger. I resized them so that they would fit into a computer screen. The full versions can be sent by email if required, though even in compressed form they are around 1.3 Mb

I took the photographs around midday on Sunday 4th November 2007.

I started on Main Street on the opposite side to the Church and worked my way through the old village photographing the left hand side of the road, ending with a dreary pub called 'The Humberstone' built on the site of an older pub outside which there used to be the old village pump

Then I took a photograph looking down Main Street, past the British Legion, to show that the old thatched cottage is still there.

After that I walked back towards the church showing the other side of Main Street, starting with two photographs taken from just outside The Humberstone. Note Lidster Close where a footpath used to run by the side of the Windmill. The Rev. Percy Lidster was the boxing vicar who, when thieves stole lead from the Church roof, expressed the wish to 'meet them in the ring'.

Next I photographed in the grounds of the old rectory, now a park

Finally I took a few shots from Vicarage Lane, looking into Main Street to show several houses built, I suspect, around 1970, ending with a view past the churchyard into the grounds of the old hall, where there are now a dozen or so flats.

On the 9th of November I took some pictures of St. Mary's Church, Humberstone, beginning with the walk between the winding avenue of yew trees. I was surprised how near to the Church I got before I could see it. No wonder the choir boys used to frighten each other by pretending to be ghosts after choir practices on dark Winter evenings.

I found it very hard to get a reasonable picture of the whole church. I think the best of several attempts was this one, taken from the South West corner of the churchyard. I'm sorry about the foreshortening of the steeple.

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