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Books Read in 2017

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Peter May Lewis Man and The Chessmen

Sequels to May's that I read last year, these books relate further investigations by Finlay Macleod. Both are set on the Isle of Harris and are compulsive reading

Like The Blackhouse both books combine the solving of a current mystery with unravelling events that happened many years before.

Konrad Knopp Theory of Functions in three volumes

I'd read quite a bit of these volumes many years ago, and was alarmed at how much I'd forgotten. I found a pencilled note I'd made in the margin, but had no recollection at all of the material on the page in question. I did skip a few of the more complicated proofs but otherwise managed to follow the argument to the very end.

G. T. Kneebone Mathematical Logic And The Foundations Of Mathematics

Although that was mostly stuff I already knew, or used to know, much of it was hard work, but I did struggle through to the end.

Robert GalbraithCareer of Evil

"Robert Galbraith" is the penname of J. K. Rowling. The book is a bloodthristy thriller and I found it quite compelling reading.

Some of the events took place in Market Harborough, where the one legged private detective met one of the staff of a Thai massage parlour in Alden's tea house. When I read that I remembered that last year the Market Harborough Mail reported that Rowling had visited Market Harborough to gather material for a book.

I.N.Herstein Topics in Algebra

Published in 1964 this is mainly an introduction to Abstract Algebra.

Although I omitted a few of the complicated proofs, I managed to follow the argument up to Galois Group Theory, though I just skimmed through the last chapter that discused finite fields, Wedderburn's Theorem and quaternians.

This is another book in which I found passages I didn't recall reading annotated with marginal notes in my handwriting.

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