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Sundry Pictures

(Modified on Thursday15th May 2012)

This is a diverse selection of pictures.There are more on other pages illustrating

various places in Leicestershire, various visits to Wales, Humberstone Village, and the building of my extension

Pictures of myself in various states of dress

The next three pictures all record activities undertaken with my friend Cliff. Cliff likes collecting hats, of which he has a great many,so there's a picture of me wearing a Yellow-Hat-Buddhist monk's hat made for him by an obliging friend.

Another of Cliff's hobbies is amending roadside signs by adding supplementary material. There is a village in Leicestershire called Sinope, and one day it struck Cliff that that is the name of the Greek town in Asia Minor where the Philosopher Diogenes the Cynic used to live. Hence the amendment of the sign outside Leicestershire's Sinope.

The Potatoes sign speaks for itself.

A few pictures of the garden, there are lots more on the garden page

An unusual memorial to a great Scientist

Welsh countryside

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